Guru Gobind Singh ji Jayanti


Guru Gobind Singh ji Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of the 10th Sikh Guru,Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj.

He was born in Patna Sahib, Bihar and emerged as a spiritual leader and great inspiration to the people. On the auspicious day of Guru Gobind Singh ji jayanti, it is the day that witness parades and social gathering across gurudwara all over the world, also religious programs are conducted on this special day. Langar (food) is distributed among the people, nagar kirtan is held where people offer their prayers and take the blessings of the Guru. Guru Gobind Singh ji was a spiritual master, warrior, poet and a great philosopher. He named the Guru Granth Saheb the religious text of Khalsa’s and Sikh’s as the guru of the two communities.

·      When his father Guru Tegh Bahadur ji was executed by Aurangzeb, Guru Gobind Singh ji  became the 10th and the final Sikh Guru in human form at the age of nine.

·      Guru Gobind Singh ji was a man of great intellectual attainments.
·      He had the great contribution to Sikhism as the Khalsa was established under him in 1699.
The Khalsa was a warrior community, an initiation ceremony called Amrit-Pehul was created and rules were made for Khalsa, where as male Khalsa was given the title “Singh” and  female were given the title “Kaur”.
Guru Gobind Singh ji started the tradition of 5 K’s
  • Kesh-(uncut hair):- which means to leave the hair uncut, to show the acceptance to the form of God.
  • Kanga-(wooden comb):- as  a symbol of cleanliness.
  • Kada-(iron or steel bracelet):- in the arm to remind of self restraint.
  • Kirpan-(dagger):- a sword to defend oneself, weak and poor.
  • Kacchera-( short breaches): a knee length shorts to be always ready to fight.
Through centuries the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh ji, can be used in our daily life, some of them are as follows :
  • Do not gossip, nor slender, or be spiteful to anyone.
  • Do not be proud of riches, youthfulness or lineage.
  • Donate 1/10th  ( dus-vand) of your earnings.
  • Do not ruin anyone’s work by gossips.
·Work hard and don’t be lazy.
Take part in listening to Kirtan and discussions of the essence of gurbani everyday.
As we celebrate the Guru Gobind Singh ji jayanti on 9th January (2022) I would like to share my experience when I visited Patna Sahib (Bihar,India) with my dad, we reached midnight and we were warmly welcomed like family and were provided with a place to live and the langar was served to us which was a surprise as the kitchen was already closed, when I asked a person who was serving the food he said it’s a Guru da Ghar and no one goes empty stomach no matter what time you come. I would say we are really blessed to have Gurus  in our life who teach us to love unconditionally and serve the humanity without discriminating about cast, creed and religion. I bow down to the lotus feet of the Guru and wish every one Happy Guru Gobind Singhji Jayanti.

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