Lal Lohi is the Sindhi Festival, Which Is Celebrated Every Year On 13th January, As the Sun starts Its journey back To Northern Hemisphere.

On this day Children and Teenage come together and collect the wood and sticks / wood logs from their Grand Parents and Families.

In the night the Bonfire Is Lit, Where All People, Children And Women dance around the Fire, WhereIn the Women also offer the Prayers And Prasad To The Bonfire like Coconut and Sesa (Sesa-Rice), Then the Prasad Is distributed in all the People and Children. Some People distribute Boondi Singer and Sesa along with Coconut And Revdi.  

                                      Lal Lohi

The Festival Is Celebrated till the midnight by singing and dancing around the Fire and Woman offering Prayers for their Family well-being. Also  Lal-Lohi, Is  the Significance to leave the Old belonging behind and Cleansing the Mind In the Readiness  Of  the  Festival  Of Tiramoori which Is Celebrated the day after Lal Lohi.

 Tiramoori Is the Sindhi name Of Makar Sankaranti, Also we worship  Sun God on this day people  fly kites and distribute Lai( Til sweets and Prasad).

So Wishing Every One Happy Lal Lohi And Tiramoori- Makar Sankranti

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