Hanuman Jayanti-The Festival of True Love and Devotion


Hanuman Jayanti, is a Significant, Hindu festival that marks, the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman. Hanuman Jayanti is Celebrated, on Full Moon day during Chaitra month. It is believed, that Lord Hanuman was born during  "Chaitra Purnima" just after, Sunrise on weekday Mangalwaar.

After, the Celebrations,  of  the  glorious festival of Ram Navami, the holy Hanuman jayanti follows, with full opulence.It's the birthday of, Lord Hanuman the Param Bhakt of, Shree Rama who is believed to put an end to the miseries and hardships of his followers, he is highly adored by all!

Lord Hanuman is one of the prominent heroes, from the great Epic "Ramayana". He is also know as Mahavir, Bajrangbali, Anjaneya, Pawan Putra, Anjani Putra, Kesari Nandan and Maruti.

All the people, especially, the loving devotees of Lord Hanuman celebrate this occassion with immense devotion and zeal. Lord Hanuman is worshipped, as a deity with the ability, to attain, Victory against evil and provide protection. On this auspicious day, devotees of Lord Hanuman celebrate him and seek his protection and blessings.

History and the Legend of Lord Hanuman.

The story of birth and history of Lord Hanuman goes back thousands of year's, at the time of "Ramayana".

King Dashratha was performing, the Putra Kameshti Yajna, to help him, get his Heirs as he was childless. After the end of his successful Yajna, a miraculous Prasadam emerged from the Yajna fire, and was given to the Queen's to consume, so they can bear kids. At at very moment, a kite ( a bird of prey) snatched, some of that holy Prasadam and flew up. Pawan (Vayu) Dev , Lord of the air and wind, retrieved it from the Kite, and gave it to Anjana, who ate at the same time. Thereafter, Lord Hanuman was born of Anjana and know as Pawan Putra, or son of Vayu.

As per another, Legend  there  was  an  Apsara by the name of Punjikasthala in the heavens at Lord Indra's court. Once a great Sage by the name of Angira went to the heavens to visit Lord Indra, to please him Lord Indra asked, Punjikasthala to perform a dance only for the Sage, she tried her best to impress the Sage, but he was not interested in her dance and went in to the state, of  meditation. Since She disappointed the Sage, the Sage cursed her, that she will be born as a monkey on the Earth.

As Punjikasthala reverently, asked for forgiveness from the Sage, overwhelmed with her remorse, the Sage gave, her the boon that, she will give Birth, to a great devotee of the Lord. He told her that your son will forever, serve the Lord. As the time pass Punjikasthala, took Birth as the daughter of King Kunjar (King of the monkeys) and got, married to kapiraj Kesari of the Mount Sumeru. She prayed deeply to Lord Shiva and urged, him to be a part of her son who was yet to be born. The Lord answered  to her,  prayers and took birth from her, in the form of Lord Hanuman.

It is believed, that Lord Shiva took the birth of Hanuman to serve, Lord Vishnu in his Ram Avatar, as he could not do it without talking a birth on the Earth. Hence Lord Hanuman is also, called to be an Avatar of Rudra the most powerful form of Lord Shiva.

Significance of Lord  Hanuman-Human History.


Lord Hanuman was born in a Vanar (Monkey) Community. Lord Hanuman is the son of King Kesari  and Queen Anjana. His birth name was Anjaneya (son of Anjana). In his childhood, day's Lord Hanuman was very playful.

It is mentioned, in the Vedic Scriptures that once the child, Hanuman saw the Sun and thought it was, a ripe Fruit. He began to follow, Sun with the intention of eating it. Lord Surya was, scared of this little child, who insisted of having him. Finally Lord Indra intervened and attempted, to convince him to let go, of Lord Surya, but little Hanuman was adamant and finally Lord Indra decided to teach him, a lesson and hit, him with his thunderbolt on his Cheek's and he fell on ground. This infuriated Lord Pawan the God of Air, and he decided to suck out all, Air from the Earth. This caused a great havoc, on the Earth, because people , tree's, and animal's began to die, due to lack of Air. Finally the other, God's came to the rescue. Each of them blessed little Hanuman with many power's and Lord Indra too have him a boon of immortal life.


During the war, against the evil forces of Ravana, Lord Hanuman was one of the chief warrior in Lord Rama's army. He visited Lanka and gave a ring, given by Lord Rama to Goddess Sita to reassure, her that Lord was coming to rescue her. On the battlefield when Lord Rama's brother, Lakshmana  was  injured  and  fell unconscious, Lord Hanuman went to get, the Sanjivani herb, when he could not find the herb, he lifted the whole Dronagiri Mountain and bought it with him, and saved the  life  of  Lord  Rama's  brother   Lakshmanas  life.

It is believed that Lord Hanuman, was also a part of the epic battle, Mahabharata, although, he did not participate in the war, but he designated, his presence on Arjuna's flag on his chariot. It was, due to Lord Krishna's and Lord Hanuman's combined power and protection that Arjuna's Chariot could, undergo numerous attacks in the war and walk out as Victorious.

Lord Hanuman is, the symbol of loyalty and devotion, he possesses, unmatched strength and great intellect. He teaches us the devotion, how to master the five senses, how to be faithful, humility with power,and helping those in distress.

Lord Hanuman also signifies, integrity, Valor, intelligence, strength, patience and wisdom.

Lord Hanuman is supreme among the wise, touted as " Buddhimatam varishtham".

Lord Hanuman Co-ordinate, each one of his energies towards, the love of Lord Rama the undying commitment, making him free of all physical exhaustion. Lord Hanuman superbly embodies, " Dasya Bhava" Considering himself a  " Humble Servant" of Lord Rama, thus it is rightly  said, that to reach Lord Rama one has, to go through Lord Hanuman.

As we celebrate, the auspicious festival of Hanuman Jayanti on the 27 th of April this year.

I wish  you  all  Happy  Hanuman  Jayanti.

                                                    By Viinod Baherani

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