Parshuram Jayanti - The Rise of Infinite


Lord Parshuram Jayanti is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Vishnu's sixth incarnation. Lord Parshuram was born on the third day of Shukla Paksha Tritiya in the month of Vaishakha. It is believed Lord Parashuram was born during Pradosha Kala and hence the day when, Tritiya prevails during Pradosha Kala is considered for Lord Parshuram Jayanti celebration's.


Lord Parshuram Jayanti is also celebrated as Akshaya Tritiya. The day marks the beginning of the Treta Yuga and is believed that good deeds done on the day are forever.

Lord Parshuram means "Rama with an Axe".  Thus, Lord Parshuram carries an Axe in his hand, a weapon which symbolises Truth, Courage and destruction of Vanity or Pride. It is believed that, on this day Lord Vishnu descended on Earth to save it from the brutality of the Kshatriya.

Lord Parshuram the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is considered to be the epitome of Devotion and Love for parents.

Once, Sage Jamadagni was performing a Yagna in his Ashram. He told devi Renuka (his wife) to fetch some water from the River for oblation to the God's. At that time Chitraratha (the celestial singer) was making sport with his wives in the river. Out of curiosity devi Renuka stood there to see them engaged in a game with each other. She missed the time of the oblation.

Sage Jamadagni became so angry with his wife that he ordered his sons to cut off her head. None of his  sons came forward. However Lord Parshuram obeyed his command and killed his mother.

Sage Jamadagni became very happy with his son Parshuram that he told him to ask a boon, Lord Parshuram replied please bring my innocent mother back to life again. By now Sage Jamadagnis anger had subsided and he used his Yogic powers to bring back the life of his wife devi Renuka.

Legend's and Lord Parashuram

According to Hindu legends Lord Parshuram was born to Sage Jamadagni and his Kshatriya wife devi Renuka, living in a hut. His birth place is believed to be on the top of the Janapav  hills in  Indore , Madhya Pradesh. On top of the hill is a Lord Shiva temple where Lord Parashuram is believed to have worshipped Lord Shiva. The Ashram is known as  Sage Jamadagnis Ashram named after his father. They had the Cow named Surabhi ( cow Kamadhenu's daughter) that had the power's to grant all desires.

According to the legend, a King named Kartavirya  Arjun wanted the celestial Cow Surabhi. So, he asked Sage Jamadagni to give it to him. However, Sage  refused to do so. When Lord Parashuram was away, the King  took  it  by  force When  Lord Parshuram came to know about this crime he was very upset. He took his Axe in his hand and challenged King Kartavirya Arjun to battle. They both fight with each other and finally Lord Parshuram over powered and kill the King.

The warrior class challenges him, Lord Parshuram killed all his challengers. Later he returned to his father with the Surabhi Cow and described him about the battle he fought. However, the Sage did not congratulate Lord Parshuram instead he reprimands him stating that a Brahmin should never kill a King. He advised Lord Parshuram that he should go on a pilgrimage. So Lord Parshuram followed the advice of his father and set out for pilgrimage. 

While he was away from the Ashram his father was killed by warrior's seeking revenge. When Lord Parashuram returned from pilgrimage and came to know about this tragic event, he picked up his Axe and killed many warrior's in retaliation. In the end Lord Parshuram relinquish his weapons and took up Yogic practices.

Kashyap Muni who was a testimony to this sight pacified Lord Parshuram and asked him to leave Earth and reside in the mountains. Since then, Lord Parshuram has been residing on the Mahendra Mountain.

According to another, legend, Lord Parshuram once went to meet Lord Shiva. As he reached  the door, Lord Ganesha   confronted Lord Parshuram and stopped him from meeting with Lord Shiva. Angry and furious, Lord Parshuram threw the Axe given by Lord Shiva on Lord Ganesha knowing that the Axe was given by Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha allowed the Axe to cut away one of his tusks. Hence from that day onwards Lord Ganesha is also called as Eakdantay

Lord Parshuram was known for his love for righteousness. He was known to be the Guru to Bhishma, Dronacharya and Karna.

It is believed that the main motto of Lord Vishnu's sixth incarnation was to free the Earth from the burden of  irreligious Kings who neglected their duties.

Another story mentioned in the Kalki Purana believes that Lord Parshuram still resides on the Earth. It states that Lord Parshuram will be the martial  Guru of Shree Kalki who is going to be the last Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

As we celebrate the festival of Righteousness on 3rd of May this year.

I wish you all Happy Parshuram Jayanti!

                                                    By   Viinod Baherani


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  1. Every Hindu should become like Parashuram the great. Then this planet earth will become a great place to live in.

  2. Shubh Parshuram Jayanti , every blog of yours is a detail study of our culture

    1. Thank you Rohan for appreciating,share the blog with your loved ones.

  3. Bhagwan Parshuram who is still alive and will be the Guru of Kaliki Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. The Avatar who will be the most furious of all to destroy the Paap of Kalyug. He will then be with Bhagwan Vishnu till the end of kalyug and will create and new yug or begin the new cycle and move out with the Kalki Avatar. Reason why he is chosen is because he was the best warrior and his knowledge of weapons is required in the war of modern times.
    Jai Parkhurst Bhagwan.

  4. Thank you Vivek, share it with your friends and family.